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About MUPA

             The Faculty of Music and Performing Arts (MUPA) at Burapha University (BUU) started as the Department of Thai Classical Music in 2000, and then the Department of Western Music was established in the following two years. In 2003, we expanded the Department of Music and  Performing Arts with four degree programs in Thai Classical Music, Westem Music, Thai Classical Dance and Choreography, as well as Acting and Directing. Since then, MUPA has offered a wide range of courses and classes, which deepened student's knowledge of Music, Dance and Theatre with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary learning environments.

             On October 1, 2013, the Institute for Research in Culture and Arts merged with the Department of Music and Performing Arts to establish the new Faculty of Music and Performing Arts at Burapha University, promoting academic excellence and a high moral standard for our students.

             At MUPA, each student nourishes his or her own philosophies, as well as social responsibiliities, through learning Music and Performing Arts. Students are also encouraged to explore cross-cultural elements and innovative ideas rooted in tradition in response to contemporary global culture. In addition, MUPA is the only university in Thailand where students can experience cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaborations between Music and Performing Arts.

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